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Learners  allowed on Motorway with Approved Driving Instructor - 4th June 2018
As part of the efforts to introduce features that are more representative of modern-day driving in the learning process, learners can be taken onto motorways with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), as long as their car is a dual-control vehicle wearing L-plates.

Sat Nav and different manoeuvres - 4th December 2017
The independent drive part will increase to 20 minutes with using the Sat Nav, although 20% of tests will follow signs instead. The manoeuvres will change to Parallel Parking, Reverse Bay Parking, Forward Bay Parking and Stop on the Right-hand side of the road. There will also be a Show me questions on the move as well as a Tell me question at the test centre.

TheoryTest changed - 23rd January 2012
The Theory test will no longer use pre-published questions in a move to stop candidates from learning answers by rote. The change will mean tat learner drivers will gain a better understandingof the driving theory because they can no longer rely on simply learning which options are correct for individual questions.

Independent driving - October 2010
In October 2010 the practical driving test will see 10 minutes of independent driving, (verbal instructions as if you stopped to ask for directions or road signs) and only one reversing manoeuvres (although you will still need to practice/learn all of them).

Instructors to be asked to attend pupil on test - 6 April 2010
From 6th April 2010 the examiners will ask all test candidates if they would like their instructor to sit in on their test and/or listen to the debrief. 
I already offer every pupil the choice of me attending the practical test with them.

New Driving Test Fees increasing by 12.4% - 30 March 2009
The Theory test will increase from 30.00 to 31.00 and the weekday Practical test will increase from 56.50 to 63.50. Out of normal hours driving test will increase from 67.00 to 75.00.

If you are tinking of taking a practical driving test after 30th March 2009 then book the test before the deadline and save 7.00. You can change the test date 3 times with out any charge.

DSA changes its mind - 29 September 2008
Motorcycle tests will now continue at Basingstoke at least until the end of March 09.

New Facebook group : Don't shut Basingstoke Driving Test Centre - 5 June 2008
News of a possible future closure of the Basingstoke Test Centre appears in the
Basingstoke Gazette - 5th June 08 

New Show Me and Tell Me questions at the start of the practical test - 1st July 2008
This includes items like fog lights, demister controls, head restraint, windscreen washers

Consultation paper "Learning to Drive" announced - 17th May 08
Check to see the proposed changes to the driving test.

Test fees increase - 1st April 2008
1st April 08 - The practical test will go up by 8 to 56.50, while the theory test will rise by 1.50 to 30.

A33/A339 Reading Road Roundabout Upgraded - Sept 2007
New traffic lights, bus lane, signs and road markings have been installed to improve the flow of traffic. Watch out for the exit with No Vehicle Access (except buses and taxis).

No Right Turn @ Winchester Rd Roundabout - Sept 2007
New signs and road markings are being installed to stop drivers using the left hand lane to turn RIGHT from the ring road at Winchester Rd Roundabout (even if wishing to use Lister Rd B&Q).

Information and services for new and learner drivers at:

Theory Test gets harder and more expensive - 3rd Sept 2007
The number of questions is set to increase from 35 to 50 and the pass mark will increase from 30 to 43. The test fee will increase to 28.50.
  Mobile Phone = 3 Points and 60 fine from - 27th February 2007
From Tuesday 27th February drivers caught using their phone whilst at the wheel will face 3 points on their licence and a 60 on the spot fine.

Child Seat Law - 18th September 2006
All children under 12 and less than 135cm (4ft 5in)  MUST use a child seat. This will save 2,000 children from death or injury EVERY YEAR.

Increased fees for car driver tests from - 1st April 2006
The theory test increases to 21.50 and the  weekday practical test to 48.50. The evening/sat/sun practical test increases to 58

Brighton Hill Roundabout - 23rd December 2005:
New signs have been placed just before you arrive at Brighton Hill Roundabout to indicate the correct lane for your intended route. 

New Box Junction on Eastdrop roundabout - 25th November 2005:
 You can only enter a box junction if your exit is clear.

Basingstoke test times changed - September 2005
If you have recently book a practical driving test for September 2005 onwards then please check the time on the appointment confirmation letter. Tests will be held at the following times:  
 08:40, 09:37, 10:44, 11:41, 13:08, 14:05, 15:02 

John Cleese & Sat Nav now installed in the car- July 2005.
I now have a Tom Tom Go300 Sat Nav system in the car and can offer training on this latest system.

New Drivers Act
If receive 6 points within the first two years of passing your test your licence will be revoked. During Nov04-Jan05
3,717 licences have been revoked and theses people will have to re-apply for a licence and take the tests again.

I've passed! - January 2005
All Approved Driving Instructors must pass a Higher Standard of the Hazard Perception Test before 31/12/06.

Messenger Services - January 2005
MSN (Windows Messenger) id:
Ask a question or just say hi

DSA Website Updated - December 2004
The Driving Standards Agency have a new website



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