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Prices: From 1st January 2023


1 Hr = 45.00

1.5 Hr = 66.50
2 Hr = 90.00


4 Hr = 178.00
6 Hr = 267.00
8 Hr = 356.00
10 Hr = 440.00

17th Birthday Present
4 Hr + Highway Code  = 176.00

Pass Plus 267.00
Hampshire Pass Plus 192.00
Motorway Lesson (2Hr) 99.00

Theory and Hazard Perception test booking 33 (DVSA fee 23)
Practical test booking 72 (DVSA fee 62)

Inclusive Packages:

Package 1: Suitable for a pupil who needs to re-take a driving test and includes 10 hours of lessons, the driving test lesson of 2 hours and the DVSA driving test fee. 600.00

Package 2: Suitable for a pupil who has passed the theory and hazard perception test and already has some driving experience in their own car. 20 hours of driving lessons and

2 hours for the driving test and the DVSA driving test fee. 1,040.00

Package 3: Suitable for a pupil just starting to learn to drive. Includes a total of 45 hours and the DVSA Theory and Practical test fees. 2,085.00



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